Myself As a Web Developer 2018

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Inspire by this blog-post
So the list below is my to-do in this year (from 2018.06 to 2019.06),
hope that I can follow this plan 🙂
So here is the main step

The Language :

I choose GO for my next language
Learning GO
Practice GO: I don’t know what project to do yet, but let me defined it later

Package Manager

As I chose GO for my next language, I will dive to GO Package manager, after a little google search, I chose `glide`
Learn Glide

Standards and Best Practices 

Learn about Testing

I have a book and haven’t completed it yet, so my goal is to complete it this year
Test Driven Development – By Example (Kent Beck)

Learn about Relational Database

Hmm, I don’t know whether I should start with MySQL or PostgreSQL, maybe for new things to be studied, I will give PostgreSQL a vote.
According to this quora question , there are three books to be read.
3 Books to be read (I will break it later)

Learn a new Framework

I intended to learn GO framework, but because Golang doesn’t need a framework, I will give Node.JS a try. And my selection is Express.JS
Express.JS (I will decide which course to follow later)

Learn a NoSQL Database

I firstly started to consider about DynamoDB, and actually took 3 days to studied DynamoDB.
But I feel what I learned in DynamoDB course (a cloud guru course) is based on AWS so much, so I want to study MongoDB too. Then I can compare about these Databases.
Ofcourse all of them are NoSQL Database (follow ACID patterns)
Learning DynamoDB from Beginner to Pro (
Learning MongoDB (MongoDB in action – Manning Publishing)
→ On-going


I used to utilize some of these caching tools (both Memcached and Redis), but I didn’t actually learning any courses from them (to understand under the hood).
So I chose redis to be my object in Caching system
According to this quora question, there are 3 of them in total
Redis 101
Redis Overview
Introduction to Redis

Creating RESTFul APIs

Cause I studied ExpressJS from Learn a new Framework sessions, I do think I should implement these Restful APIs in Express.JS (or Golang?)
Implements in Golang/Express.js (to be defined)

Learn about Different Auth Methods

I will write a blog series about these
OAuth (3-Legs vs 2 Legs)
Basic Authentication (How it works )
JWT – Json Web Tokens

Message Brokers 

Some guys told me to learn RabbitMQ, ok I will chose Kafka
Kafka (the material will be defined later)

Search Engines 

Sometimes, I can’t distinguish between Search Engines and Big Data Engines, as I’ve just completed the DynamoDB, I want to study more about using Amazon EMR and HIVE for searching and querying large sets of data. But, I still left this blank to be fill in later

Learn how to use Container

Wut, container, Docker of course
Learn how to use Docker ( course)
Read Docker in Action (Manning Publishing)


Hmm, I’ve had a chance to use both of the most two popular web-servers, Nginx and Apache. I think I should write a blog about Nginx and Apache soon
Apache blog
Nginx blog

Learn how to use web-socket

Actually I used to implements a web-socket todo list by utilizing Laravel echo and Pusher, I will write it in details soon
Write a blogs about how to implements a simple todo list by Pusher (Redis :-?) and Laravel Echo

Learn GraphQL

I chose this course, as I have been a member of ACG, so I think I should maximize the number of videos I watch on their platform (haha, just kidding)

Study a Graph Database 

I always like graph as its theory can be applied to many use-cases in real life. So I would like to study more about Graph Database
There are many vendors about Graph Database out there, but the most prominent seems to be Neo4J, so I chose Neo4J
Study Neo4J ( I wonder which materials I should pick first, awaiting recommendations)
Uhh ohhh, it was pretty long, and I will have a ton of works to do :))
Urgggg. I remembered I still have one to-do : Finish the [Serverless] Chatbot series …
But I think it is enough for today 🙂 Have a good night.

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